Save money and live a simpler life! The Smart Shopper Show is a podcast that broadcasts LIVE every Thursday at 11 am Arizona time! 

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Join Daphne Munro as she shares, how to live like a millionaire without breaking the bank! From managing your investments to life-changing life hacks. Plus she loves to share stories about business owners who made it and help our community along the way. 

You can listen to the show LIVE right here every Thursday at 11 a.m. Arizona time.  Or you can watch the show and all behind-the-scenes action on “The Smart Shopper Show” Facebook page.

If Thursdays are not a good for you, don’t worry!  After the broadcast, the episode will be available on this website. You can also catch the show on-demand!  Just type: The Smart Shopper Show into iTunes or any podcast app.





Showing you ways to save money & make your life simpler!