Save money and live a simpler life! The Smart Shopper Show is a podcast that broadcasts LIVE every Thursday at 6pm Arizona time! 

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Join Daphne Munro and Jenn Spantak, as they show you how to live like a millionaire without breaking the bank! From managing your investments to life-changing life hacks, this duo makes saving money fun and easy! Plus, tune in for money saving secrets and weekly deals — so you can get out of debt and obtain financial freedom.

You can listen to the show LIVE right here every Thursday at 6 p.m. Arizona time.  Or you can watch the show and all behind-the-scenes action on “The Smart Shopper Show” Facebook page.

If Thursdays are not a good night for you, don’t worry!  After the broadcast, the episode will be available on this website. You can also catch the show on-demand!  Just type: The Smart Shopper Show into iTunes or any podcast app.





Showing you ways to save money & make your life simpler!