Cheapest Flight Day mark your calendars for August 23rd, 2016

August 23rd is an important date if you like finding deals on airfare. This day is called Cheap Flight Day. Why? On this day most airlines drop their airfare for fall pricing.

Airlines know when people want to travel and late August is not that time. We call that term supply and demand. There is more of supply this time of the year than there is a demand. Often kids are starting back in school so travel is less. If you haven’t taken a summer vacation this might be your time to score some good deals. Fall pricing usually takes place from August 23rd until early November.

I have read some articles refer to August 23rd as the “Black Friday” of travel. You can save even more if you consider the general rules of thumb when it comes to finding the best deals. Buy those tickets on August 23rd but also try to travel on less desirable days which is Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays. Avoid Fridays and Sundays, unless you want to pay the most. Also consider a red eye flight to maximize your savings. The further out you can buy your tickets from your travel date the more you can save. General rule of thumb at least 30 days out.

Make your own homemade carpet freshener for just $.03 and batch

How to make homemade carpet freshener?

 Take an old spice container that you no longer use.

 Add 1/2 cup of baking soda

 Add 20 drops of tea tree oil and 20 drops of lavender essential oil.

 Shake it all up and then let it sit for 24

When you are ready to use evenly distribute onto your carpet. Using an old spice container  that has been cleaned that has a small wholes in it will help to distribute the freshener evenly. Then let is sit for 20 minutes and vacuum away.

Buy prescription eyeglasses starting at $7!

Get eyeglasses for a fraction of the price that some doctors office or retail eye frame stores would sell them for. It is a website called does not sell brand name designer eyeglasses but instead they are a manufacture and only sell only their brand. So that means you are buying direct from the factory and it can mean huge savings.

Here’s is how it works. First you need to have your current eye prescription and your PD which is the distance between your pupils from center to center in measured millimeters. Then you choose the type of eye prescription you have, single, bifocal or progressive. And select your PD. Once you choose that a list of frames options that can handle the type of lens you need will pop up.

Next you choose the frames you want. They range in price from $6.95 up to $46 dollars. If you need single vision basic lenses the cost is included in the frames. If you need bifocals or progressive lenses it will cost you more and that can range anywhere from $24 up to $67. All the frames you purchase include anti scratch coating, full UV protection and a case with a cleaning cloth. Basic standard shipping cost is $4.95 per order, not per frame.

Once you choose your frames you can see how they look your face by uploading a picture and entering your PD number using their Zenni frame photo upload. Click on the icon for the frames you want to try and it will pop up on the picture of yourself you provided.

Once you find the frames you want punch in your eye prescription and if you want any other additional features select them and then pay using credit card or PayPal. Your new eyeglasses should arrive 1 to 2 weeks from when you placed your order. If you happen to make a mistake you can email them within 24hrs and not be charged but if it is beyond that time frame you will only get a 50% refund.

I purchased a complete pair of single vision eyeglasses from them a few weeks ago. With the frames and prescription lens including plus shipping, my total cost was under $29! The eyeglasses are great and they got the prescription spot on. I really like this website and my prescription eyeglasses arrive sooner than the ones I ordered from I want to thank all of you for sharing this great website.

There are many other websites that offer inexpensive prescription eyewear for dirt cheap. Click the link below to see the full list of 9 websites offering deals on eyewear.

Thanks my fellow wise money spenders!

Get wholesale prices on pet supplies!

We found a wholesale pet supply store that has awesome prices on everything for dogs and cats.

It’s called Ryan’s Pet Supplies. We found deals on everything from crates to toys, and even grooming tools.

I did a little price comparison to give you an idea of the savings. I found a large Kong ball chew toy for $8.97 at Ryan’s. At for $13.99, that is a $4 difference! I also compared Furminator Deshedding 16 ounce shampoo. At Ryan’s you will pay $10.97. sells it for $15.49 and at for $12.99. Ryan’s still has the best price.

Do keep in mind this is a warehouse, so you grab a catalog, and start shopping. The warehouse is kind of warm this time of the year but they offer free water bottles while shopping. Still there are thousands of products to choose from and save, so be prepared to have some fun shopping and saving. They are open Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm. You must spend a minimum of $25 in order to shop and you can shop at the store or online.


Ryan’s Pet Supplies

1805 East McDowell Road

Phoenix , AZ 85006

Cut the cord on cable and save 50% or more

We all need to save money and one way to do that is looking at your current expenses and deciding what you really need versus what you really want. My recent expense cut has been trying to get rid of my television cable all together. It sounds good but can I find a cheaper solution?

My service provider is Cox Communications and 3 years ago my bill had crept up to over a $125! I paid $55.99 for high speed Internet access and $65.99 plus taxes and fees for basic and expanded cable. Plus I had a TiVo to record the shows I wanted to watch later. That cost was an additional $12.99 per month. So my total cost to watch TV and have Internet access was costing my almost $140 a month!

I decided it was time to cut the cable cord. So I called Cox Communications and cancelled my cable service and kept my high-speed Internet access bringing my monthly bill down to $54.99 a month.

Free Over the air local channels

As far as getting local channels like NBC, FOX, CBS and ABC after cutting the cable cord that is real simple. Local channels are free over the air. All you need is an antenna. My favorite antenna is called Flat Wave from Winegard. You can buy it Amazon for around $32. You will need to get a separate antenna for each TV in your household. Or you can have an antenna installed on top of your house. That installation cost anywhere from $200 to $350.

Stream content shows that are not available on local channels

If you want to watch shows other than what is on your local stations then streaming services is what you need. Services like Netflix, Hulu cost around $9 a month for each. Amazon offers free streaming of a lot of their content. All you have to have is an Amazon Prime Membership and the streaming service is free.

Devices buy to enable streaming of content

How to stream if you don’t have a Smart TV? A Smart TV already has these streaming services loaded on the TV. Services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon already install on those types of TV’s. If you don’t have one no worries you just need to add a box that contains those services. If you buy a Roku or Apple TV that simply connects to your TV using and HDMI cable and your existing Internet. Those boxes should not cost more than $99 or less. I bought my Roku box for around $75 a few years ago.