Episode 7 and 8 January 26, 2017 – Get a Great Education for Cheap & Save Money on Gas

Episode 7 – Save Money on Your Child’s Education – It’s National School Choice Week, so Daphne & Jenn are showing you ways to save big bucks on your kids’ education.  From the early years to college days, learn the options you have to ensure your child gets a good education for cheap.  Erik Twist with Great Heart Academies explains the difference between private, public and charter schools and how they will impact your wallet.  Then, Ross Bonifield from Preferred Wealth Management LLC will tell you ways to save for your kids’ college!

Episode 8 –  Avoid the Soaring Gas Prices – Forecasters are predicting gas prices will increase in 2017!  So, Daphne and Jenn share 6 ways you can avoid the pain at the pump. The new administration has halted reduction on FHA loans insurance what does this mean to your pocket book?

This Week’s Guests:

Erik Twist
Great Hearts Academies
Chief Innovation Officer & Sr. VP Advocacy at Great Hearts Academies
Enrollment page: http://www.greatheartsamerica.org/enroll/

Ross Bonifield
Preferred Wealth Management LLC

Dean Wegner from Home Street Bank

Topics Discussed on the Show:

Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA)
National School Choice Week
The Best Colleges Providing Free Tuition
Save Money on Your Next Car Rental


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Recently, I went to Philadelphia to visit family and I needed to rent a car.  There are several different ways to save money when it comes to a car rental, which I’ve listed below, but what I really want to talk about is the importance of asking a lot of questions.

While picking up my rental car, I was asked the question they always ask: “Do you want to prepay for a tank of gas?”  In preparation for this question, I had search area gas prices on the Waze, so I knew gas prices ranged from $2.19 – $2.35 a gallon.  To prepay for a tank of gas, I had to buy the entire tank at $2.47 a gallon.  Obviously, I said no, because in order to even come close to getting my money’s worth I would have to return the car running on fumes and even then I’d pay more per gallon than if I had filled up at a local gas station.  Anyways, as I was leaving I noticed a sign listing all the options.  One was called: “We Refuel.”

It caught my attention, as it appeared I was about to miss out on a deal.  According to how the sign was written, it appeared as if you could pay a $9.99 flat rate, return the car with gas tank at any level and they would refuel for you.  I quickly did the math.  At $9.99, I would only need to use about 4.5 gallons of gas to get my money’s worth, which I thought was totally doable.

But something didn’t add up, why would a car rental company charge a $9.99 flat rate and let you return with any amount of gas?  Seems like they would lose money in the deal and any smart business is not going to lose money unless they are getting something out of it.  I checked their website, thinking someone was being funny by messing with the sign, but their website appeared exactly the same with the same options listed at the same price.  That’s when I decided to call customer service and ask about it.  I inquired about the “We Refuel” option and was very direct in my question: “Is it a $9.99 flat rate or is it per gallon?”  The customer service representative on the other end couldn’t answer.  She told me she wasn’t sure and had to put me on hold to ask somebody else.  I was put on hold while she went looking for an answer.  Finally, she returned and told me it was per gallon.  Before getting off the phone, I casually mentioned that nowhere on the website or the sign did it say per gallon that the way it was written implied a flat rate.  

So my warning to you is to always ask a lot of questions!  Not just with car rentals, but anything.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Below you can find several other ways to save money when renting a car.


A quick google search for car rental promo codes will usually come up with some sort of response.  I also like carrentals.com to find smoking deals.  Also, compare prices over several days/weeks before booking, car rental prices change daily just like plane tickets, so don’t feel stuck if you don’t feel like you’re getting a deal.

Honestly, most people will tell you to avoid the prepaid car rental all together, because if prices drop you are locked in with what you have already purchased, but if you don’t prepay you can cancel and score a better deal if one arises.


Belong to AAA or AARP or Costco? Now is the time to scour all your frequent flier clubs, credit cards and membership organizations for discounts on car rentals. Even a 10 percent discount or $35 rebate off a weekly rental will help to offset rising rental car costs.


Most of the time your personal car insurance or even your credit card will cover you.  Just make sure you call them ahead of time to be sure.


I always say no to the gps or satellite radio, but that’s me.  I have a cell phone for a reason.  It works great for gps, so why would I shell out more money for capabilities that I already have.


This is one piece of advice I never use.  I always rent from the airport for one reason: convenience, but if you are a real penny-pincher try shopping around at car rental places that aren’t at the airport.  Just remember you may need to find a way to pick up the car.


Sometimes reserving the car for the week versus 5 or six days is actually cheaper and most of the time the company won’t charge you for returning the car early. Another idea is to vary your check-in/check-out times to see if that will affect your rate.


Or you could get stuck with that $9.99 per gallon fee!

Trump administration halts reduction of FHA loan mortgage insurance, how does this affect you?

Dean Wegner from Home Street Bank came on the show to talk about the new administration possible changes to FHA loan insurance on mortgages. If you would like to contact Dean Wegner he can be reached at Dean.Wegner@homestreet.com or call 480-286-3303 or stop by at his office at 7047 E. Greenway Parkway Ste: 250 Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Episode 5 and 6, January 19th Cheap, Green Living and Save Money & Stay Healthy

Episode 5 –  Cheap, Green Living – Daphne talks with Greg Peterson from Urban Farm to find out how you can start a cheap and low maintenance garden. Afterward, hear from Yvette Roeder to find out how your local municipality could help you get that garden started and the free services provided.

Episode 6 – Save Money & Stay Healthy – Simple ways you can eat healthily and still save some cash. Plus, Daphne interviews Amanda Salvione with Radix Law to discuss the Affordable Healthcare Act and if it’s really affordable?

This week’s Guests:

Yvette Roeder with the City of Phoenix shared tons of free or discounted services to help you get that garden growing for a steal. 

Greg Peterson from Urban farm get your free planting chart

Amanda Salvione from Radix Law was on the show to talk about the Affordable Care Act will health care be affordable? What’s in store for the new year? Listen to Episode #3 Part B on the January 19th podcast for details

Topics Discussed in the Show:

Free or discounted services to get your garden started for cheap, get free seeds and discounted compost bins plus free compost

9 ways to eat healthy without breaking the bank

Score some pressed juice for free by celebrating Delicious Factory grand opening in Tempe from January 21st – 24th.




Learn how easy it is garden and get a free planting chart

Greg Peterson joined us today on heSmart Shopper show to talk about how easy it is to start a garden and general rules of thumb to plant it right and simply. Below are some links to help you get started.

Free planting calendar is at
Fruit Tree Program is at
If you would like to contact Greg Peterson from the Urbanfarm.org email him at FruitTrees@urbanfarm.org

How to get your garden started for a deal, get free seeds, compost and more

Score one free bag of Microgreens (vegetables)  and 14-days free service with the mention of “SmartShopper” in the “referred by” section on their website.http://www.recycledcity.com/

For composting tips and to obtain recycled composter (containers), https://www.phoenix.gov/publicworks/garbage/disposable/composting-and-green-organics

To learn about how to have your own community garden through PHX Renews: http://phxrenews.org/ and click on “Apply for a community garden.”

To exchange your large trash container for a medium container and start saving $3/mo. on your solid waste fees:https://www.phoenix.gov/publicworkssite/Pages/SAY-R-R.aspx

If you want free compost anytime try HMS landscape

It’s the perfect time for gardening, but you don’t have to go broke getting it started. The sunshine is free and now so is the soil!

HMS Landscapes in Phoenix recycles their lawn trimmings by mulching it and giving it away for FREE!

The landscape company said they generate more than 780 tons of green waste per year so recycling helps out. Best of all, nothing else is added to the mulch so it carries a ton of nutrients. You can pick up the free mulch Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., but be sure to call first.

You can load up bags, buckets, even trucks, and there are no limits to how much mulch you can take. Use the mulch to freshen up your garden or even your landscape.

HMS Landscapes is located at 6107 S. 32nd St in Phoenix.

They can be contacted at 602-268-1809.

Free seeds through the Phoenix Public Library. Check out the link below to find a location near you to get those free seeds. Now you can get that gardening growing for almost nothing and a little elbow grease.

Phoenixpubliclibrary.org/free seeds

9 ways to save on healthy foods

I love eating healthy whole foods that are not processed. The closets you can get it from the ground or from a tree in your mouth without minimal processing if the best. But often eating that way can break the bank. So when I ran across this article from Dealnews.com I had to share it.

When it comes to buying organic produce try CSA farm. These are a community supported agriculture programs. Basically, you pay the farms ahead of time for the crop they are getting ready to plant. For example, Steadfast Farms in Gilbert offers a CSA program. For 16 weeks of organic in-season produce for $400 that’s about $25 per week.

Another way to save on food is to stop eating meat or buy meat in a different way to save the most. I find other foods besides meat to get my protein intake in for the day. Meat costs a lot of money but beans and protein. Or try less expensive but healthy meats. For example, instead of buying boneless skinless chicken breast buy a whole rotisserie chicken it will save money and you can stretch it uses out longer.

Join a co-op you can get weekly offerings of produce per week from a local participating farm near you. Usually, you can get a basket of in-season organic produce from $25 per week. Here is a list of co-op and local CSA farms.


 We all know Whole Foods nickname is ‘ the whole paycheck” but you can afford to shop there, you just need to buy their store brand 365 everyday value in order to find savings. A few years ago I did a price comparison between Sprouts brand versus Whole Foods. In the end, Whole Foods beat Sprouts on pricing. So don’t be scared to shop there just know what to buy in order to save.

 Buying healthy food in the bulk section can save you a ton. Find a store near you that has a huge selection of bulk food items. Over at Winco foods, I have found they have one of the best bulk sections at any grocery store. They have tons of healthy organic foods sold in bulk and for a fraction of the price of buying it pre-packaged.

 Buy in season produce to get the best deal. Remember a rule of thumb if it is in a season you will save the most.

 Starting a garden and growing it yourself is truly is the best way to save on organic produce. Starting a garden is super easy and you can save so much money. If you use no chemicals and earth natural resources you can have your own organic garden for a deal with a little bit of elbow grease.

 Last but not least use technology to save on food. Use meal-planning apps also shopping at ethnic markets often you can find deals on everyday goods you would normally buy from a regular store.



Episode 3 and 4 January 12th -Money-Saving Tips for 2017 & Cheap Treats to Make Life Easy

Episode 3 –  Money-Saving Tips for 2017 Daphne and Jenn show you 7 easy ways to save more cash without going to a lot of effort.  Plus, Jonna Parker from Iri explains what you should or should not be buying in 2017. And, Dan Thompson from Final Clearance shares insider secrets about liquidation stores and how to score the best bargain.

Episode 4 – Cheap Treats to Make Life Easy The Consumer Electronic Show just wrapped up and new gadgets are making their debut.  Daphne and Jenn talk with Managing Editor and Tech Correspondent from Tech.co Tishin Donkersly, to find out what you should invest in to make your life simpler.  Plus, a cereal taste test challenge!  Daphne and Jenn put store brand cereal to the test.  Can it live it up to it’s name brand counterparts?

This week’s Guests:


Final Clearance



Topics Discussed in the Show:

What to buy and not buy in 2017

Jonna Parker from IRI the research firm that studies consumer spending habits. Joined us on the show to talk about the price increase and decrease on certain items. To find more information go to Iriworldwide.co.

The latest trends in technology and some deals you can expect to on technology for 2017. Tishin from Tech.co came on the show to talk about her experience at CES 2017. 
How do liquidation stores sell products for bargain basement prices?

Smart Shopper Deal of the Day

Crunch 50



How do liquidation stores sell products for bargain basement prices?

DanThompson is the owner of Final Clearance liquidation store located at 82nd avenue and Peoria, Arizona. He came on the show to discuss the liquidation business and how they sell stuff for fraction of the price that you will find at retail stores. Listen in to our Episode #2 Part B podcast to hear all the details. Also every Thursday you can catch Daphne Munro Your Smart Shopper on Final Clearances Facebook page sharing their weekly deals. If you want a deal on clothes or shoes is this your go-to place in town.

Final Clearance

8200 W. Peoria

Open Daily from 9am – 9pm