Episode #25 Buy a home and remodel it for a bargain. Plus products that won’t break

Episode 25 – Short sale Vs. Foreclosure, can you really get them for a bargain? Ways and places to save on home remodeling. Products worth buying cause they won’t break.

Guest on the Show:

Jacques from Munro Realty call 602-953-3838  

Topics Discussed on the Show:

Short Sale Vs. Foreclosure the pros and cons of buying non-traditional sale homes.

Ways to save on home remodeling projects

Products worth buying because they won’t break

Products worth spending the money on because they won’t ever break

Sometimes it is worth spending a little more money now in order to save later. Something’s you should buy because they just won’t ever break.

Kitchen Aid mixers come with a 2-year warranty and will break the bank in price at over $200. It will probably outlast your lifetime probably. If you can buy it used, go for it. Not only will it last forever, if it ever breaks Kitchen Aid has the parts because they haven’t changed the design since the early days of the company.

Jansport backpacks come with a lifetime warranty if it ever breaks. They will fix it or replace or refund it. They make it really simple just go to their website at Jansport.com and fill out the return card and mail in your product. It is that simple and it is a lifetime.

Don’t get your bike stolen instead invest in a Kryptonite bicycle lock these locks are made of steel hence the name. If it breaks there are a lifetime and an anti-theft protection plan but you must fill out the form.

Le Creuset cast iron cookware will break the bank. You will pay $130 for a Dutch oven, but they probably won’t ever break the bank. If they do they come with a lifetime warranty.

Ways to really save on home remodeling projects

Think one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, at least when it comes to finding materials for your home remodeling project.

Try resale stores that sell home remodeling items. Stores like Stardust Building Supplies and Habitat Restores, these stores sell donated items for fraction of what it would cost brand new. There are also downsides to buying from store likes this. A lot of items sold are outdated. Keep in mind a lot of the items these stores sell are donated from a remodel job. Often you are missing important pieces to items making installing something used a challenge. Another great resource is Craigslist or Freecycle. Often you can find a lot of unwanted construction items for nearly nothing cause usually, they are taking up space. Last but not least try government auctions. Often government agencies have items from construction projects no longer needed therefore you might be able to score a deal at their auctions.

Another money saving tip is to keep it simple. Go with standard sizes. Custom anything automatically means more money. For example, if you are remodeling your kitchen cabinets stick with standard sizes so no specialty ordering is needed and all cabinets are in stock which usually means no extra cost.

Which leads to my next tip, local businesses there are few gems here in the Valley. For example, if you need windows check out Window Depot. They keep in stock multiple sizes and styles of windows and offer competitive in pricing because the windows are in stock. They do not install. You will need to hire someone for that. Check out Desert Liquidators, which is located near 18st, and Washington in downtown Phoenix. They sell a lot of construction liquidation items. For example, they once had a shipment of 6-panel interior doors that they sold for $18 each. Normally those doors sell for $35 a Home Depot. Keep in mind they sell a lot of manufacturer discontinued or overruns items so it’s most likely a one time buy.




Remodeling? Score some savings on doors and windows at a local Valley shop

Replacing windows and doors in your home can really make remodeling seem unrealistic.

Gabe Sifuentes, of Phoenix, and owner of Classic Home Restoration, found a store that makes it all feasible.

It’s called Window Depot and I checked out the store and I have to agree with Gabe, they have some really good deals.

I was most impressed with the huge inventory. I’ve found great deals on doors at liquidation stores before, but the inventory is always limited.

At Window Depot, the items are new and they have a lot of it.

All of their interior doors are $55, which is an awesome deal. I priced the same-sized doors at Home Depot and Lowes for $73.

They also have front doors, back doors, French doors, patio doors, even security doors. And if they don’t have the size you’re looking for, they can also special order doors.

As for windows, they stock Solar Industries aluminum and vinyl windows and from my research, you will save 25% – 35% compared to other popular retail stores. I priced a 6 foot by 4 foot sliding vinyl window at the Home Depot and Window Depot.  You’ll pay $208 at Home Depot and $172.90 at the Window Depot.

Again, the store has tons of inventory… thousands of windows in stock consistently.

The Window Depot also has counter tops, cabinets and hardware. They do not, however, install but they do offer contractor referrals.

As always, still do your research to make sure you’re getting the absolute best deal.

Window Depot has two Valley locations

4545 West Camelback Rd, Unit D

4525 E. McDowell Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85008




Episopde #24 Get your car ready for the summer without breaking the bank, free perks from Amazon and ways to save on kids birthday parties

Episode #24 Get your car ready for the summer without breaking the bank, free perks from Amazon and ways to save on kids birthday parties

Guest on the Show:

Patty Fleischmann from Community Tire Pro’s and Auto Repair

Topics Discussed on the Show:

Get your car ready for the summer heat without breaking the bank

Free perks you can get with your Amazon Prime Membership

Ways to save on kids birthday parties without breaking the bank



How to save on kids birthday party by Jonna Parker

It is my son’s 7th birthday tomorrow and every year two things happen at this time:

1- I feel really old

2- I stress out about how to throw a birthday party

This year, I decided to set a goal- throw an awesomely fun party, without going over budget. Here are a few tips I found to cut corners without cutting the fun:

1- Mid-day parties with cake and ice cream only vs. dinnertime parties where meals are expected

2- Host at your house outside or at a park

3- Use free online printables vs. expensive decorations at the party store

4- Solid-colored paper products and huge Costco utensil packs

5- Either skip the party favors or do a treat gift card for the amount- like a $1 ice cream at McDonald’s or a frosty coupon from Wendy’s’

6- Who really remembers the cake? I’ve bought plain from the grocery store and used kids’ toys to decorate. They love it because then they get the toys too! Also, a full cake is always cheaper than cupcakes.

7- Create your own games. Kids still love to pin the tail on the donkey and hot potato. Have a few ideas ready to go in case the natives get restless.

Ultimately, decide on a budget and stick to it. Setting expectations up front helps you make choices. We knew our son wanted a science experiment-party, which cost a lot to have. We splurged on that, so are using the tips I’ve mentioned to stay on budget.










Free Perks with your Amazon Prime Membership

A lot of folks have Amazon Prime Membership to get free shipping but did you know there are a lot of freebies that come with that membership?

Free e-reading with your prime membership, called Prime Reading. This perk gives you access to over 1,000 books, magazines, and comics for kindle.

Listen to some music for free with Prime Music. You can stream over 2 million songs for free.

Of course, you can stream 1000 of movies and shows for free with Prime Video. Plus they have some great content.

You can also get a free subscription to audiobooks from amazon Audible Channels.

Don’t forget during the holidays you also have access to amazon lightning deals for non-prime members.

You can get free photo storage with your amazon membership it is called Prime Photos and it is unlimited storage

Let Daphne Try it PediSpin does it really leave your feet smooth without paying salon prices?

It’s sandal season and you can’t walk around with unkempt feet.

The Pedispin claims to leave you with smooth feet without having to spend spa prices. It’s made by the makers of the Ped Egg, which works really well, so I had to try it out.

The Pedi Spin only cost us $15 at CVS. First, you will need four AA batteries and you’re ready to spin.

The instructions say only use the filing plate for thick, tough calluses. There are two speeds; high and low, and I learned right away that my feet aren’t as rough as I thought because the high speed was a little too much. It actually stung. So I used the low speed on my heels, soles, and toes.

My first thought, it was really loud, it sounds like a saw. But it did smooth away some of my rough skin. Still, it was definitely nothing like the infomercial, which shows rough skin literally falling off. I had several people try it out, with different types of skin, from really rough to not so bad.

For really rough calluses, the PediSpin didn’t seem to do as well as the Ped Egg, even when I switched to high speed. In fact, the motor kept stopping whenever I put any pressure on it.

But the PediSpin is less work if your feet aren’t extremely bad. Overall, I was not impressed with the performance of the PediSpin; I give it a thumbs down.

The results are nothing similar to the infomercial, and I think the Ped Egg simply does a better job and it’s cheaper; I found the Ped Egg at CVS for $10.

Episode #23 Ways to save on utilities High speed Internet, phone bill for $4 a month plus more


Topics Discussed on the Show:

If you are not a heavy Internet user try Cox Internet Starter Package for $39.99 a month and 5 MBPS to save. I noticed a very little difference going from 300 MBPS to only 5 MBPS. If you go to their website you cannot find this package so call and them you want the Internet Start Package for $39.99. If it ends being too slow no worries there are no consequences for changing your Internet plan. Give Cox a call at 623-594-1000

Buy a pair of prescription lenses for just $7

Monthly phone service for just $5 a month!





Get phone service for less than $5 a month!

Thinking about getting rid of your home phone to save money? I have a great money saving solution. It is called Ooma, which is a device that you can connect to your high speed Internet access and it will allow you to cut the cord on your phone service but keep your home phone and your wallet full.

Ooma is a Voice Over IP box that cost from $99 up to $150 depending on the model and where you purchase it. That upfront cost you will get back in months because the phone service is free. All you have to pay for is the taxes and fees every month. Those fees and taxes you already pay when you pay your current bill. The difference is you pay nothing else for as long as you own your Ooma.

You can calculate your monthly cost on Ooma’s site. You just type in your zip code, I’ll type in 85008. The taxes and fees come to $3.43! That’s all you pay every month. They just charge your credit card every month. The Ooma service comes with free phone calls to anyone in the U.S., caller ID and call waiting. Sounds amazing right? Well that Ooma box also comes with voice mail and you can retrieve your messages from the device or over the Internet and again free.

If you are worried about losing your home phone number no worries. You can have your existing home phone number transferred but it will cost you a onetime porting fee of $39.99. Or you can select a phone number for free.

To setup to the Ooma is a simple step by step process. You connect the Ooma device your high speed internet access device and then connect your home phone to your Ooma. You’re configuration maybe a little different if you have a router but the instructions cover that too.

Now the most important factor is the call quality. I can tell you that the call quality is just as good as a regular phone line. I have owned my Ooma for two years and no one would ever know

I am using the phone over the Internet. The call quality is great. The only time I would have a problem is if my high speed Internet access went down. Also if you do have an alarm system getting the Ooma phone line might cause a problem with that alarm system. You will need to contact your alarm company and see if they can install a wireless phone to work with your Ooma.

Go to Ooma.com for all the details.