Episode #34 Free fireworks find out where, low cost airlines are they really a deal? app for happy hour and more

Episode #34- Find Out The Free Fourth Of July Fireworks Happening In The Valley, Low-Cost Airlines Are They Really A Deal? An App For Finding Happy Hour Deals,  Cheap Tricks For Staying Cool And Munro Realty  $0 Down Home Loans Pros’ And Cons

Topics Discussed:

Where are all the free fireworks display happening in the Valley?

Low far airlines Allegiant and Frontier are they really a deal?

Tips and Tricks to staying cool in the Valley

Happy Hour App is called Happy Hour Finder



Guest on the Show:


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Imani Alexis our in-house college saver shared her ways of stay cool in the summer heat without breaking the bank.

Looking to try and beat this heat? Here’s 8 tips and tricks I found that are cheap and easy!


Is the heat getting to you but you don’t want to rack up your A/C bill by turning your thermostat down? Well here’s some tips and tricks that I found on the web that are cheap and easy to help you stay cooler in this Arizona heat.



  • Put your top sheet in the freeze


Put your top bed sheet or a blanket you sleep with in the freezer from anywhere to a couple of minutes to hours before you go to bed. Just make sure you put it in plastic, paper or a gallon sized bag so it doesn’t get any actual ice on it.



  • Try using frozen water bottles, ice trays or a bowl of ice in front of you fan


You can put anything that is frozen like water bottles, ice trays or a bowl of ice to help convert your fan into cheap, free A/C. Allow your fan to blow cool air in your hot ouse. You can prolong the ice by throwing some salt on top.



  • Don’t’ forget about the dogs!


Try wrapping a cool, damp towel around your dog’s neck much like a collar or lay a cool, damp towel on them if they are still enough. Ice cubes in their water dishes will help them beat the heat, but make sure you watch out for signs of heatstroke, the website PetMD has symptoms and signs you should watch out for in dogs.



  • Keep the blinds closed


Keeping the blinds closed during the day in order to avoid the Greenhouse effect allowing your home to get hotter! But don’t be afraid to let sunlight in when you’re home.



  • Stay in the shade


Try to stay in the shade from 11am – 4pm in Phoenix. These are some of the hottest times of the day and it is advised to avoid that strong sun.



  • Drink plenty of water


Staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways you can help your body stay cool. Dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke and making it harder for you to cool down.



  • Going for a swim


Want a fun way to cool down with the kids and friends? Try going for a swim. And if you don’t have your own pool it doesn’t hurt to ask a friend or to find a local swimming pool. Check out the City of Phoenix’s pool locations to find a pool close to you. Select the location to find out the cost of admissions!


Allegiant and Frontier Airlines offer low priced airfare but do they really?

How about $29 each way from Phoenix to Denver? When it comes to smaller airlines you can save a ton on the airfare. Allegiant and Frontier Airlines are two of those airlines we have in the Valley.

Why is the airfare so cheap? Consider these airlines al la carte. Meaning you purchase the airfare but you also have to buy a seat, luggage and

Allegiant departs out of Mesa airport. To fly from Phoenix to Colorado Springs on July 28th returning on July 31st you will pay $70 each way, plus $15 for an economy seat. Oh, wait we can’t forget about the luggage. You can carry-on personal item for free, which is about the size of a sheet of paper, basically a purse or a briefcase. If you want to carry on a bag that will cost you $15, to check a bag it has to be 40 pounds or less that will cost you $20. Did I mention this is for each way? So that $70 one-way ticket will end costing you around $105 to $120 depending on the luggage situation. If you want some snacks? Guess what that will also cost you extra. So round trip from Phoenix to Colorado Springs will run you $210 to $240. That’s about the average going rate for a flight on a major airline, add the baggage fees if you have to check in any. It is still not a smoking deal from the original fare of $70 each way.

I also checked out Frontier Airlines. They do not fly to Colorado Springs but instead Denver. A flight from Phoenix to Denver on July 27th returning on July 31st will cost you $62 each departing flight and $89 returning that is $151 round trip. Wait we can’t forget the seat. A standard seat will cost you $5 each way. A personal bag like a purse or briefcase is free but carry on will run you $35 each way. With all the fees that round trip ticket now cost you $231.00. That’s not much of a deal. I checked on Hopper the airfare predictor app and the average price for a round-trip ticket that time is $166.00. Again factor in luggage if you are checking in and major airlines are still the better deal.


Bottom-line those prices are amazing if you need a no-frills flight and all you are taking is a briefcase or purse. But always do your research so you can save the most.



Where are all the free fireworks happening in the Valley?

Fourth of July is around the corner so where can you celebrate without take your wallet?

Mesa Amphitheatre

July 4th

Stay cool in Mesa at their Republic Service Arizona celebration. It is totally free and is on Tuesday, July 4th from 6pm to 10pm. They call it the coolest Independence festival in the state. Why? They have will have KOOL Zones with giant misting fans. Plus Valley Metro will have an air-conditioned bus. We can’t forget the kids. They will also have Splash Zone for the kids. Plus we can’t forget the inflatable water features. They will have giant red, white and blue waterslide plus tons of shade and grass.

Mesa Amphitheatre/Mesa Convention Center Complex

263 N. Center Street

Desert Ridge

July 1st

Head over to Reach 11 Sports Complex in north Phoenix on Saturday, July 1st for some free fireworks. The event is from 7:30pm – 10pm. Fireworks will be completed by 9pm.

Westgate Fireworks Fest

July 4

This event at Westgate is also free. Doors open at 5pm and fireworks start at 9pm. There will be two music stages and of course a cool pad plus fun things for the kids.

6751 N. Sunset Blvd


Fabulous Phoenix 4th

July 4

Fireworks start at 9:30pm and the party starts at 6pm. Of course, they will have a water spray zone and inflatables plus two stages of live music.

Cave Creek

July 1st and 3rd

Head to Cave Creek and you can celebrate the 4th on Saturday, July 1st and Monday the 3rd.

On the first, they are having “The Fourth on the First” the event begins at 4pm and they will have a riding bull, kids splash and a lot more fun things to do. Plus fireworks will start at 9pm. Located at 6245 E. Cave Creek Rd.

On Monday, July 3rd is Cave Creek’s July Firework Extravaganza the event opens at 5:30 and all the fireworks will be displayed from a hill behind Harold’s Corral, which is located at 6895 E. Cave Creek Rd.







Episode #33 Ways to save on food bill, impact of amazon buying Whole Foods on your wallet, Kill switch on steroids for your car

Episode #33  Unique ways to save on your food bill, find out where to hear the music for free. We are telling you were to listen to live music for free. Ravelco, it is an anti-theft system for your car that the thieves can’t hack. 

Guest on the show

Topics Discussed

Use Strategy and technology to save on your food bill

3 ways Amazon buying Whole Foods could impact you


Strategize and use technology to save on your weekly food bill

When shopping at the grocery store strategize in order to save the most.

Find out what the true cost is of something you are buying. Look at the cost per unit. Don’t just look at the price look at how much you are getting and cost of it per unit. That could mean per ounce, per items and so forth. Often grocery stores will have the cost per unit listed on the price in small writing.

Two apps that can help you save time and money shopping at the grocery store.


Take the grocery weekly ads with you but on your smartphone. The app is called Flipp. It’s free and works on Androids and iPhones.  

The app simply digitizes the paper ad. All you have to do is swipe and zoom to view the parts of the ad you’re most interested in —

This is why I think this app is even better than paper ads because you can circle the items you want and when you get to the store just pull up your clippings and all of the items you selected will be listed right there.

In addition to that, the app will help you find a deal. Recently I was at a grocery store and was going to buy a case of water but I decided to see which store had the best price. I pulled up the app and found that another store sold that case of water for a lot less. Flipp is a great tool to have to help when you are shopping. Plus it is not only just for grocery stores ads it has other major retailers ads too.


Looking to find extra savings at the grocery store? Now there is an app for that. It’s called Favado. The app sifts through grocery store ads and alerts you when certain items are on sale.

It’s a free download available on Androidsand iPhones. Users don’t have to create an account.

 CardStar and Keyring

Finding those loyalty cards to stores can be a hassle so let an app manage them for you. Try apps like Cardstar and Keyring. Both apps are free to use. Basically, they store your loyalty cards for you. Making sure you do not miss those savings.


Of course, check your weekly ads but also check for additional savings by searching for manufacture coupons. A great place to start is Coupons.com




Episode #32 Father’s Day deals happening around the Valley

Episode #32 – Save money on taking dad out to dine and some fun inexpensive things you do with dad to celebrate Father’s Day.  Need some quick cash? There is an app for that. Ways to earn quick cash by using technology.

Topics Discussed:

Dining deals on Father’s Day

Things to do with Dad to celebrate Father’s day on a budget

Make quick cash by using technology


Hang out with dad on Father’s Day for deal

Have some fun with dad and celebrate Father’s dad with some discounts and freebies.


On June 18th, Father’s Day head to the Odysea Aquarium and dad will get $10 off general admission.

9500 E. Via De Ventura

Scottsdale, AZ


Kids take your dad to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix on Sunday for free admissions on that day. It is for both dad and grandpa.

15 N. 7th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85034


Head to Desert Botanical Gardens on Saturday, June 17th with dad and he will get free admission to Flashlight Tours with a paid child’s admission. The Flashlight tours are all about sensory adventures. You will hear, see and feel how the desert lives at night on this tour.

1201 N. Galvin Parkway

Take dad out to eat for deal. Father’s Day round up on meal deals.


Thirsty Lion

Head over to thirsty lion with dad on Father’s day and sample some beer for a deal. They will be offering beer flights for $5. Normally that will cost you $10. And you choose 6 beers out of their 24 selections.  Thirsty Lion has three Valley locations.


Uptown Alley

Go have some fun at Uptown Alley in Surprise with dad. Buy a meal at their red embers bar and grill and your dad will get either a $10 game card or two games of bowling and shoes for free.


Phoenix Public Market

Score some free pancakes for dad on Saturday, June 17th from 9am until 11am at the Phoenix Public Market Open Air. Chef Aaron Chamberlin and his Arturo will be making 500 pancakes made with mesquite flour to serve for free at the event.

Phoenix Public Market

721 N. Central

Phoenix, AZ 85004


 Social Tap

On Father’s Day at Social Tap dad will get a free meal all day on Sunday. In addition, if you want to take him to brunch it is served from 9am until 2pm. They will have their classic breakfast burger, breakfast burrito or chicken waffles.


Famous Dave’s BBQ

Head to Famous Dave’s BBQ pay for a meal but get a $10 gift card for dad to use at another visit.


Organ Stop Pizza 

If you’re in the mood for some pizza and a live organ performance then make a pit stop at Organ Pizza in Mesa. They are having an all you can eat pizza, salad and soft drinks adults will pay $12 and kids 3 to 9 $10. The doors open at 11:45 and the event ends at 1 pm. You must purchase tickets in advance at organstoppizza.com










Easy ways to earn some quick cash


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just get money whenever we needed it? Well, how about figuring out a way to make a little extra money without getting a second job?


Sitting gigs


Use technology to make you some cash. Try sitting to earn some dough. Apps like Care.com will help you find babysitting and pet sitting gigs.


Want to house sit for a friend or neighbor when they go out of town? Try posting your home sitting capabilities in search of work and homeowners can search for sitters on Mindahome.com. The site is free to use if you are a homeowner looking for a sitter. If you are someone seeking a sitting job they currently charge just $10 to post a profile.


Rent it


How about renting your stuff for some cash? Websites like Homeaway.com allow you to rent your home to other vacationers while you are away. If you rent for less than 6 weeks out of the year you pay no upfront fees. If you rent your home for more you can pay $399 for an annual listing. If you feel comfortable listing your house how about renting your car?


Turo.com is a website where you can list yours for rent. They set the price based on market value, location, and time of year. You will in return get paid via direct deposit within 5 days. You will earn 65% to 85% of profit.

Artsy and Crafty

Society6 and RedBubble

For the craft and arts make some dough with that talent. I am sure you have heard of Etsy. It is a place for artists and crafters to sell their things. Expand your horizons. Try sites like Society6.com or Redbubble.com. Artist, both sites will sell and package your art for you but they will first transform them. Society6 you can transform your art into tote bags, pillows, and laptop skins. Whereas on RedBubble you can turn that art into posters, t-shirts, and stickers.


Artfire will allow both arts and crafts to be sold on their site. The stuff just needs to handmade.



Last but not least Foap is for the smartphone photographers. Take photos from your phone and upload them onto Foap and each time a photo sells you get $5.

Survey it

Pointclub.com and SpringboardAmerica.com

Do surveys to make money. Both Pointclub.com and Springboardamerica.com will allow you to earn cash or points to redeem towards purchases just for filling out surveys.


Try market research firms like Conceptstesting.com to earn extra money. These firms often need testers to test their retail clients products.


Use your smartphone to earn some cash. Gigwalk app will allow you to earn money doing a simple task like shopping, testing apps or taking photos.