Episode #38 Treasures 4 Teachers deals on school supplies, do some things for free

Episode #38 Treasures for Teachers a supply store serving teachers for incredible prices.  ways to save on school supplies and some free things you can get.


Topics Discussed:

Treasures 4 Teachers 

Ways to save on back to school supplies

Free things you can do to help get you through the summer


You gotta love free things and a few to help you through the summer months

I always love free things. So let me share with you some things you can get for free.

First and foremost birthday freebies, I found several sites that list birthday freebies. For example, a free ice cream cone on your birthday One site I found to be somewhat accurate is Laurengreutman.com just click the link to see the list of deals.

You can get into the Botanical Gardens for free. Just head there every second Tuesday of the month to get in for free.

How about getting into our museums and cultural events for free? Have you heard of the Culture Passes you can get for free at our Valley libraries? These passes will get you free admissions into many museums, arts, and cultural events.

Free anti virus software for your PC and Mac. For PC based computers try Avast it is absolutely free to use and update for free. If you have a Mac try Sophos anti virus software. It also is free to download and updates for free.

Last but not least if you already have a Costco membership well you know you can get an abundance of free food samples while you shop.


Ways to save on back to school supplies


Kids are going back to school and that means parents will be emptying their wallets getting them back to school unless you know how to shop. Here are some strategies to help you save.

Don’t let your kids pressure into buying everything on their back to school list prior to school. Reach out to the teacher prior to going to shopping to see what things are an absolute must buy now and what things can wait. Often you can get a better buy on school supplies in September because retailers are clearance them out to make room for other seasonal inventory.

Once you know what to buy come up with a realistic budget and stick with it. Kids can really throw you for loop in trying to get you to buy things they don’t need or upgrade to a nicer version. Plus do a quick inventory at home to see what you may already have to fill the list.

Utilize all of your resources for shopping back to school. First, check Amazon because they are considered a top retailer for purchasing school supplies online. Then check other online retailers that have a brick and mortar store to see if you can get a better price at those retailers like, Target and Wal-Mart. If you get a better price at stores like Wal-Mart and Target then head to the store and skip the shipping cost.

Although Staples and other office supply stores offer some great back to school deals for their lost leaders overall you might end up spending more money. According to Dealnews and their data history of sales, Target is your best buy for school supplies and Wal-Mart is your best bet for school uniforms when it comes to major retailers. Also, don’t forget Wal-Mart and Best Buy often price match so you may not even have to leave the store if you research.

Lastly, if your kid needs electronics like a high-end calculator or computer try buying refurbished in order to save the most. If you have younger kids often things get broken quit quickly so if you can invest less money it might be better. Check out websites like Newegg or Dealnews for refurbished deals online.










When it comes to shopping for food online who has the best prices?

Amazon purchasing Whole Foods can really change the landscaping of grocery shopping. Online grocery shopping can become the new game. When it comes to shopping for food online who has the best prices?

I did a little price comparison-shopping. I shopped Wal-Mart Grocery and Amazon Prime Pantry to see who has the best prices when it comes to buying those groceries and having them at your front door.

I compared a total of 8 common grocery items.

Need to floss? Oral B Glide Pro Health floss at both Wal-Mart Grocery and Amazon Prime Pantry has you covered on the price. Both online sites will charge you $4.97 for a two pack.

If you need some cereal you will pay an equal amount. Both Amazon and Wal-Mart sell a12.25oz box of Honey Nut Cheerios for $2.98. Overall both sites varied a little in price around $.09, not a big price difference over all.

We compared a 64-ounce bottle of Mott’s Apple Juice at both Wal-mart and Amazon has for the exact same price, $2.48.

Let’s see how they do on snacks. I compared Cheez It a 12.4-ounce box. At Amazon Prime Pantry you will pay $2.88 and at Wal-Mart again the exact same price.

Amazon Prime Pantry has you covered when it comes to flour. They sell King Arthur whole wheat flour for $3.69 for a 5 pound bag. At Wal-Mart, you will pay $.19 more.

When it comes to laundry detergent Wal-Mart will be your place. They sell Tide Original Scent HE Turbo Clean detergent for $.12 per load. Amazon sells it for more at $.20 per load.

Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna in water a 12 oz can cost you $2.58 at Wal-Mart and a penny more at Amazon Prime Pantry.

Save some money on toilet paper. A Charmin 6 roll will cost you a whopping $10 on Amazon and only $7 at Wal- Mart Grocery.

We compared Starbucks French Roast Dark Roast 20 ounce bag. On Amazon Prime Pantry you will pay for $11.18 on Wal-Mart Grocery $11.98.

Keep in mind Wal-Mart is a local pick up service and you have to have a minimum order of $30 and pick up is free. You order the items online at a store near you and then pick it up the same day at participating locations. At Wal-Mart, you can order perishable items like meats and milk. Unlike Amazon Prime Pantry (hence the name pantry) everything is shipped to you. You will pay a flat rate of $5.99 for shipping on Amazon. Overall the winner was Wal-Mart. Grand total $38.72 plus it is same day pick up at the store near you. On Amazon Prime Pantry you will pay $43.10 plus you have to wait 1 to 4 days to get the stuff.

In conclusion, I found Wal-Mart had a better selection plus it was less money and I like you can pick it up the same day. Overall I found both sites to be at retail price nothing of a bargain and I even used to coupons on Amazon and it was still higher. My thought right now you are paying more for your groceries to shop online because of the convenience. I would instead continue shopping at a traditional store for the overall ability to save.











Things you can get at the grocery store for free

Grocery stores seem to be starting to go out of style with all these online grocery shopping ways. There are still something’s you can’t get by buying groceries online that you can get in the store; one big one is customer service.

Most grocery stores will give you a free cookie at the bakery counter. Just simply go up and ask them for a cookie.

Also at Bashas’ did you know you could get a free cake on your kids birthday? All you have to do is sign up for their Kids Birthday club and every year they will get a free coupon for a cake around birthday time.

A lot of grocery stores offer free WI-FI. So save your data and use there’s instead. Maybe grab some coffee and get some work done using their WI-FI.

Get your meat trimmed for free. For example, if you need a piece of chuck roast chopped into smaller pieces for that roast they will often do it for free.

If you are planning on getting some fish don’t stress the butcher will clean up that fish for you for free. Again, just go to the butcher counter with that piece of fish you are going to buy and they’ll trim it up for free.Planning a move? If stores have them they are often happy to have you get rid of those boxes

Planning a move? If stores have them they are often happy to have you get rid of those boxes of them and it will be free.

Living in Phoenix in the summer just the trip from the store to home can ruin your groceries in this heat. Often food stores will give you courtesy ice for free. All you have to do is ask the clerk for some ice when checking out. I know both Bashas’ and Sprouts will give you ice but will have to ask for it. Sometimes they have to pack a bag so you may have to wait a few minutes.

A lot of people think Costco for free samples but most stores will let you try their products before you buy it if you ask. I know almost every store I have shopped at has aloud me to try produce items for free. So try it before you buy it.

Episode #36 Things you should not be buying at the food store and healthy inexpensive snack ideas

Episode #36 Things you should not be buying at the grocery store in order to save,  inexpensive snack ideas that are easy to make and healthy

Topics Discussed:

Things you should not be buying in order to save the most

Cheap snacks that are easy and healthy to make

National Ice Day is on July 16th found out where you can scream for ice cream for a deal

National Ice Cream Day is July 16th what deals can you expect to find?

Some deals you can score on National Ice Cream Day, which is July 16th.

McDonald’s Download their app and get a free offer for a vanilla soft serve ice cream cone that you can redeem on Sunday.

Whole Foods get two pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or frozen yogurt for $6

Baskin Robins get a free slice of Mint Chocolate Chip Polar Pizza on Friday from 12pm until 5pm at participating locations.

Cold Stone Creamery sign up for their club and get a coupon for a BOGO to use until July 23rd.

Wendy’s get a small chocolate or vanilla frosty for $.50 at participating locations.

We can’t forget about the dogs. Head over to Petsmart Petshotel and get your dog a free doggie ice cream sundae. To find a Petshotel near you just search for them by using Petsmart’s store locator.


Cheap snacks that’s easy to make and healthy

I love popcorn! I think it truly is one of my favorite foods. It can be a fattening, high-calorie food. Or it can be a very good source of fiber and very low in calories if made the right way, plus super cheap to make.

The healthiest way to get the best bang for calories when eating popcorn is to avoid cooking it on oil and topping it off with tons of melted butter. Microwave popcorn is better but it is still not ideal and not cheap to buy. The easiest and healthiest way to cook popcorn is to use0 nothing to cook the kernels air poppers are great. You just pour the kernels into the air popper and let it pop with heat. If you want some flavoring you can spray on some olive oil that is dispensed in a spray can. Then grab some sea salt and lightly sprinkle it on. Or better yet some of the flavored popcorn toppings like Kernel Season’s popcorn toppings. They are natural ingredients and come in several different flavors like nacho cheese, white cheddar; butter flavor and their selection of flavors go on and on. Now you have a yummy, healthy, good source of fiber, and a low-calorie snack that is inexpensive.

What if you don’t have an air popper? Well, I have a simple solution for that. Grab a medium sized paper bag and pour a 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels into the bag. Then fold the top of the bag shut just a tiny ½” fold. You need to leave room for the kernels to pop so you don’t want to fold it too much. Then stick that bag in your microwave for about 2 to 3 minutes. Of course, pop times will vary and be careful you don’t want to burn your popcorn. The popcorn will be done once you hear about 2 to 3 seconds between pops that means it is done, so stop the microwave. Let the bag sit in the microwave for a few minutes to cool off, so you don’t burn yourself. Then open up the bag and pour the popcorn into a serving bowl. You are all done with your air popped corn without an air popper.

Another simple little gadget I found that makes good fluffy air popped corn is Nordicware popcorn popper. I think I am falling in love with their different cooking gadgets. It is a bowl that you pour your kernels into, cover with the lid and then put in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. It will pop those kernels into popcorn. Plus you can use the bowl to serve the popcorn. It cost $8.99 at Target stores and Amazon.com. All three of these ways will get you some yummy, healthy, low calorie, guiltless popcorn and it was cheap to make too.

Grape Popsicles

Grapery vineyard grapes are in season Cotton Candy, Gum Drops, Moon Drops, grapes popsicles or flavored grapes popsicles take those grapes put them in an ice tray, poke some toothpicks place them in the freezer overnight. Grab and go and they are yummy and a guiltless sweet snack.

Want your kids to eat whole foods? Try keeping almonds and tomatoes out on the counter tops I call these grab and go snacks make it easy to access healthy foods and uneasy to access unhealthy foods. Plus if you buy almonds in bulk you can save. Buy those 5-pound containers of grape cherry tomatoes for around $5






What things should you NOT buy at the grocery store in order to save the most?

Do not buy greeting cards at the grocery store…those cards will run you at least $3 and up. Instead, make your own and if you don’t want to go to the Dollar Tree store they sell them as cheap as 2/$.50 or try Trader Joe’s they sell them for $.99


Magazines at the grocery can be a tempting impulsive buy but resist that buy and go to the library or check out Amazon or other sites for inexpensive subscription services. Also, I have included a link to an article I found from the Krazy Coupon Lady about several ways to save on buying magazines.


Don’t pay over inflated prices at the grocery store I have seen a two-pack of AA batteries for $5 or more. Instead, buy those batteries in bulk at warehouse stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. I quickly checked online and at Costco, you can buy 72 AA batteries for $40.


If you really want to save on alcohol buy it from the people that are in the business or a warehouse store. I have found Total Wine & More, Costco or Sam’s Club and Trader Joe’s have good deals in town. For selection and price totally wine and more has that dialed in.


Buying toothbrushes at the grocery is a waste of money. Head to the Dollar Tree or $.99 Only store for those brushes.


When it comes to buying store made bread often you can save but brand name bread can be overpriced. If you live near a bakery outlet you can save a ton. For example, Alpine bread company has an outlet store in Mesa. They sell alpine bread for $1 versus paying   $4 or more at the grocery store.


Pre-packaged spices are way too expensive at your food store.   My suggestion is not to buy them at the dollar stores because they may be expired. Instead, try to buy them in bulk. Stores like Winco foods have a huge bulk section, therefore, you can buy spices in bulk and save, sprouts also sells spices in bulks. Sometimes even buying just what you need, will save you money.


Gift cards

Many grocery stores have gift cards on display for sale at face value but if you plan ahead you can buy those gift cards for 2% to 20% off of face value of know where to shop. Try giftcardgranny.com it is a one-stop shop for finding gift cards for less than face value. Also, try Costco they have a limited selection but some good deals on movie and restaurants like Fox Restaurant Group get $100 for $80.