What to buy in August in order to save the most?

There are some great buys to be had in the month of August. Find out what you should be buying in order to save the most.

Summer time may be over and that means retailers are making room by getting rid of them for a steal. Expect to see summer clearance sales and summer gear.

Expect to find deals on shoes in August. According to Dealnews, you should find better deals on shoes in August than in July or September. Some deals you can expect are on Converse sneakers for $25, L.L.Bean women’s canvas sneakers for $14 and so on.

Back to school stuff, you will also save during this month. According to the Moneytalknews.com laptops drop in price from 8% to 25% in August. Plus August also had 24% more computer deals. Plus you will see plenty of deals on school and office supplies. Make sure to do your research before heading out to shop. Overall in the past years, Target and Wal-Mart are usually your best places to find deals on office and school supplies.

The wonderful thing about living in the Valley is it is warm most of the year so buying patio furniture off-season will save you a ton. Many retailers are clearing out that patio furniture so scoop up those deals cause you can sit outside and enjoy for most months here in the Valley. According to Moneytalknews.com a lot of clearance sale came from Sears, Target, and Walmart.

Plus you can find deals on Air Conditioners in August.

Lastly National Park Service senior passes go run and buy. Normally folks over 62 years have been able to buy a national park pass for just $10 but after August 28th, 2017 after Federal mandate those passes will no longer be available at the affordable price but instead will cost $80.




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