Find out when is a good time to buy airfare so you can save the most

Knowing when to buy that plane ticket can save you a lot of money. Summer travel is, of course, a very popular time to travel. The kids are out of school and in the Valley, it is our off-season and no one wants to live in this heat. Therefore the demand goes up so can the airfare.

Tip #1 Always try to book your travel before mid may this year you needed to it before May 21st, 2017 because Airfare went up because of the summer pricing.

Tip #2 Another important date that went buy is June 15th of this year. If you still had not booked your travel by May 21st then June 15th was another price increase for summer fares. So you need to book before June 14th.

Tip#3 The most important date which is coming up is August 30th. Fares drop on this day last year it was around August 23rd. What this means is that fall pricing is less expensive and less demand, which means deals for you. So if you can wait to take that vacation in September you’ll probably save the most.



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