Find out when is a good time to buy airfare so you can save the most

Knowing when to buy that plane ticket can save you a lot of money. Summer travel is, of course, a very popular time to travel. The kids are out of school and in the Valley, it is our off-season and no one wants to live in this heat. Therefore the demand goes up so can the airfare.

Tip #1 Always try to book your travel before mid may this year you needed to it before May 21st, 2017 because Airfare went up because of the summer pricing.

Tip #2 Another important date that went buy is June 15th of this year. If you still had not booked your travel by May 21st then June 15th was another price increase for summer fares. So you need to book before June 14th.

Tip#3 The most important date which is coming up is August 30th. Fares drop on this day last year it was around August 23rd. What this means is that fall pricing is less expensive and less demand, which means deals for you. So if you can wait to take that vacation in September you’ll probably save the most.



Get paid to lose weight? The apps that can get you motivated


Have you heard of Healthywage? Basically, you bet on yourself that you will lose weight. You decide how much money you want to bet each month and how long it will take you to get there in order to get to your goal. If you meet that goal you will make some money. If you don’t you lose your entire wager. But how is that for motivation?

For example, let’s say you want to lose 10 pounds. Go to either the app which is available on all platforms or on the website at Then figure out what you can win. Enter how much you want to lose. I plugged in 25 lbs. as an example and wagered $25 a month for 6 months. So I will bet $25 a month for 6 months that I will lose 25 pounds. So I am betting $150. If I meet my goal I will win an extra $16. If I don’t meet my goal I lose the $150.

How does the company know you are really losing the weight? They have three options. One is using the app. Take a video of you weighing yourself. Second is make a 30-second video of you getting on the scale and lastly is have a professional fitness or healthy coach verify your weigh in with a form you can print off of their website.

Another app that is similar is called DietBet. It rewards people for losing weight. Here’s how is works. You either create or join a group that is ready to start a challenge. The main goal of the group is to lose 4% of the total weight in 4 weeks. You have put in $25 in the pot and the group that loses the most wins the prize. The larger the pot the more money you can win.


Episode #39 August freebies and best buys plus how to deal with a home that has multiple offers

Episode #39 Find out what free things you can get in August and what things to buy in August in order to save the most. Jacques from Munro Realty shares his tips on dealing with a home that has multiple offers.

Topic Discussed:

How to deal with buying a home that has multiple offers. To reach Munro Realty go to

Some cool freebies happening in August

August Best Buys

What to buy in August in order to save the most?

There are some great buys to be had in the month of August. Find out what you should be buying in order to save the most.

Summer time may be over and that means retailers are making room by getting rid of them for a steal. Expect to see summer clearance sales and summer gear.

Expect to find deals on shoes in August. According to Dealnews, you should find better deals on shoes in August than in July or September. Some deals you can expect are on Converse sneakers for $25, L.L.Bean women’s canvas sneakers for $14 and so on.

Back to school stuff, you will also save during this month. According to the laptops drop in price from 8% to 25% in August. Plus August also had 24% more computer deals. Plus you will see plenty of deals on school and office supplies. Make sure to do your research before heading out to shop. Overall in the past years, Target and Wal-Mart are usually your best places to find deals on office and school supplies.

The wonderful thing about living in the Valley is it is warm most of the year so buying patio furniture off-season will save you a ton. Many retailers are clearing out that patio furniture so scoop up those deals cause you can sit outside and enjoy for most months here in the Valley. According to a lot of clearance sale came from Sears, Target, and Walmart.

Plus you can find deals on Air Conditioners in August.

Lastly National Park Service senior passes go run and buy. Normally folks over 62 years have been able to buy a national park pass for just $10 but after August 28th, 2017 after Federal mandate those passes will no longer be available at the affordable price but instead will cost $80.




Find out what freebies you can get in August

August 3rd – 7th stop in at Starbucks between 2pm and 5pm and you’ll get a BOGO on a Macchiato.

Firehouse subs get a free medium sub on August 5th when you donate a 24-pack bottle of water.

Get your documents shredded for free. On August 5th if you bring in the coupon from their website you can shred 2 pounds of paper. For the in store coupon code is: 40543

This is a pretty good deal from Olive Garden. You buy one entree and another to take home for free.  Most meals start at $12.99 and the most expensive is $18.49 the seafood lasagna.

Free bowling on August 12th because it is national bowling day. Just go to to find a bowling alley participating near you.

August 25th go see any National Park for free. On that day you can get free admissions to 400 national parks. Go to

At JCPenney, if you download their app by August, 31st you will get a free coupon for $10 towards your next purchase.



Episode #38 Treasures 4 Teachers deals on school supplies, do some things for free

Episode #38 Treasures for Teachers a supply store serving teachers for incredible prices.  ways to save on school supplies and some free things you can get.


Topics Discussed:

Treasures 4 Teachers 

Ways to save on back to school supplies

Free things you can do to help get you through the summer


You gotta love free things and a few to help you through the summer months

I always love free things. So let me share with you some things you can get for free.

First and foremost birthday freebies, I found several sites that list birthday freebies. For example, a free ice cream cone on your birthday One site I found to be somewhat accurate is just click the link to see the list of deals.

You can get into the Botanical Gardens for free. Just head there every second Tuesday of the month to get in for free.

How about getting into our museums and cultural events for free? Have you heard of the Culture Passes you can get for free at our Valley libraries? These passes will get you free admissions into many museums, arts, and cultural events.

Free anti virus software for your PC and Mac. For PC based computers try Avast it is absolutely free to use and update for free. If you have a Mac try Sophos anti virus software. It also is free to download and updates for free.

Last but not least if you already have a Costco membership well you know you can get an abundance of free food samples while you shop.


Ways to save on back to school supplies


Kids are going back to school and that means parents will be emptying their wallets getting them back to school unless you know how to shop. Here are some strategies to help you save.

Don’t let your kids pressure into buying everything on their back to school list prior to school. Reach out to the teacher prior to going to shopping to see what things are an absolute must buy now and what things can wait. Often you can get a better buy on school supplies in September because retailers are clearance them out to make room for other seasonal inventory.

Once you know what to buy come up with a realistic budget and stick with it. Kids can really throw you for loop in trying to get you to buy things they don’t need or upgrade to a nicer version. Plus do a quick inventory at home to see what you may already have to fill the list.

Utilize all of your resources for shopping back to school. First, check Amazon because they are considered a top retailer for purchasing school supplies online. Then check other online retailers that have a brick and mortar store to see if you can get a better price at those retailers like, Target and Wal-Mart. If you get a better price at stores like Wal-Mart and Target then head to the store and skip the shipping cost.

Although Staples and other office supply stores offer some great back to school deals for their lost leaders overall you might end up spending more money. According to Dealnews and their data history of sales, Target is your best buy for school supplies and Wal-Mart is your best bet for school uniforms when it comes to major retailers. Also, don’t forget Wal-Mart and Best Buy often price match so you may not even have to leave the store if you research.

Lastly, if your kid needs electronics like a high-end calculator or computer try buying refurbished in order to save the most. If you have younger kids often things get broken quit quickly so if you can invest less money it might be better. Check out websites like Newegg or Dealnews for refurbished deals online.










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