Final Clearance

8200 W Peoria Ave #120
Peoria, AZ

If you want screaming deals on clothes and shoes this is your place.  It looks a department store, but the prices are bargain basement. They are open 7 days a week.  You can also check their daily deals on their Facebook page.

Munro Realty

Jacques Munro from Munro Realty is a regular on the Smart Shopper Show.  He has a wealth of knowledge and offers sound advice on buying and selling your home.   Munro Realty has been a well-known full-service brokerage firm in the Valley for over 30 years. They are competent because of their experience.   Diligent, because they work hard for you when you hire them and they take it very seriously to make sure your home sale or purchase is done right and legally while fighting for you to get the best deal. Plus, they are flexible, they won’t overcharge you. I use Munro Realty for all of my personal real estate transactions and can attest this is truly how they do business.

Community Tire Pro’s is your one stop shop for car repairs. If you want a car repair place that actually puts the customers first and goes out of their way to make sure all of your needs are met and for a fair price, check them out. In addition to over the top customer service and solving your car issues, they offer a rewards program the rewards you for your loyalty to them. It is called the High Mile Club. Community Tire Pro’s wants you to keep your car running for a long time. For 1 st time customers you will get $25 off of your bill, then on your second visit, you will get $15 off. After that, you earn points for every visit that goes towards savings. So every $1 you spend you get $.03 back and over time that could really add up to some savings. Plus one more thing. Being a woman it can be hard to find an auto repair shop with clean bathrooms. I can guarantee you will happy to find their bathrooms are in top shape.

Check out all the action happening at Community Tire Pro’s on their Facebook 

Need an anti-theft system that actually works? Try Ravelco Anti-theft plug. It is a plug that disables your ignition. If the plug isn’t it won;t start until you plug it.  No matter how sophisticated the crooks are they can’t figure out this plug . In over 40 years in manufacturing Ravelco, no vehicle with proper installation has been stolen.



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